Friday, February 2, 2007

General Hospital, All My Children

Man, did you see poor Alan get bashed in the head today on General Hospital? He's supposed to be killed off, so I wonder how. I don't think getting hit in the head would do it, unless he comes to & his heart goes bad. Who knows, soap opera digest's rumor column said there may be several casualties before this hostage crisis is over. Despite pending deaths, I do think the show is doing a good job with the story. Maxie is doing a good job too with the gunman she is trapped with. I wonder if he is someone we know?
Interesting one of the bad guys is female.
One good thing about this hostage crisis, it has the whole cast involved. How good is it to see Monica, Edward, Alan, Bobbie, Mike, Mac actually being used.
I just love Luke & Tracy. They are so funny.

Jacob Young, JR on All My Children, looks really different with his hair not standing on end. He looks like Tad too. Maybe he's put on a little weight? His character was bedridden for a while. I applaud actors who adjust themselves physically to what their character is going through. Like Greg Vaughn when Lucky was on drugs. In an interview he talked about letting himself go, to better portray what Lucky was going through. It's laughable when one day an actress is pregnant. Then the next day they are thin again, such as Hope on Days of Our Lives.

Check out SoapNet February 10 at 1pm for a special: 100 Reasons to watch soaps. Previews look interesting. If you miss it at 1pm, I'm sure it will be repeated several times.

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