Monday, February 12, 2007

Cady McClain, One Life to Live

Check out Cady McClain's blog for inside info on her firing due to the writer's not being able to think of anything else to write. Yes, she was fired and so was Vince, for pretty much the same reasons as Cady. Here's an idea. How about firing the writers? Guess that would just be too creative.
Good for Cady for telling what happened. As I've said before, AMC made a huge mistake. Killing off a home grown heroine was a very bad move. No wonder show's are losing viewers. Kill off the characters people care about, of course you're going to lose viewers, drop in the ratings, get dug into a deeper & deeper whole. Yeah, great move.

Go Jess & Nash on One Life to Live! So much more interesting than Jess & Antonio.

Poor Alan, it's just too hard to watch, knowing Stuart has been fired. Yes, another vet, canned.

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