Tuesday, February 13, 2007

All My Children, General Hospital, GH: Night Shift

I don't believe it! They killed Babe on All My Children! Geez, who's next? Guess no one is safe. Won't be anybody left worth watching once this story is over. Let's do a Days & say it was all fake. To get Dixie back, I'd buy it.
I really can't take it. One show at a time killing top characters PLEASE! The slaughter is just getting insane!

That was so cute when Lulu hugged Spinelli.:)

Interesting. SoapNet is planning to launch its own soap, a GH spinoff using some of the younger characters on GH. No word on which ones though. Could be interesting. Finally, a high point for soaps, especially being on at night. Maybe it will help give daytime soaps a boost. Here's the full story.

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