Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Alan, General Hospital, Brandon Beemer

Well, it was a pretty emotional day today on General Hospital, as the Quartermaine family lost Alan to heart failure. Really sad. That's not the last of Alan though.
Why, because TIIC are trying to mend fences with fans over their decision to kill Alan by bringing him back indefinitely as a ghost. Wow, what an original idea, (think Y&R). Apparently Tracy will be the only one who can see him & it will be a pretty comical portrayal.
Ok. I'm all for comedy. I'm really glad Stuart will be sticking around. Stuart is a very funny guy, so this storyline will be full of laughs. Alan as a ghost is better than no Alan. It's just unbelievable TIIC thought they could kill Alan & not have fans become enraged. Note to TIIC: you don't kill vets. Period.

Jax is taking Carly's infidelity pretty well. Sorry Jax, but you know, you're the one who left town. Tell Jerry you're busy getting married and to grow up. You didn't have to run off to save him. He's a big boy.

This week's soap opera digest has a nice interview with Brandon Beemer, nuShawn on Days of Our Lives. Very nice looking guy. Apparently he's a major internet junkie. According to his website, he also has had a recurring role on General Hospital as Seth. Don't remember him though. Rumor has him dating Nadia Bjorlin, not true. BTW, he has some very nice myspace photos.

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