Friday, January 12, 2007

General Hospital, One Life to Live

Looks like Alan & Monica on General Hospital were in on Rick's death. Guess that has something to do with how Alan will be killed off. Kill off a vet just for sweeps. After sweeps, then what. Who's going to read to the kids at Christmas?
I loved it when Prudence gave Sam a good talking to. Sam gets on my nerves, not sure why.
Go Liz, getting the proof on Maxi.

Vicki still has feelings for Clint on One Life to Live. Let's get them back together!
How great is the actress, Kristen Alderson, who plays Starr Manning! She has pretty much grown up on the show. I think she's one of the few who will successfully go from child star to adult actress with little problem. BTW, the boy who plays Matthew is Kristen's real life brother.

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