Tuesday, January 16, 2007

General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, Passions

Sounds like General Hospital will really be going for the ratings for February sweeps. They're going to be doing shows with a 24 theme. Sounds like Robin will be having a big story too. I won't give too much away as I don't know if any readers aren't into spoilers.
About time Lucky found out Maxie was faking her pregnancy. Go Liz!

New/Old Philip is back on Days of Our Lives!

The future of Passions is uncertain. I don't watch it, but Soap Opera Digest had an article speculating the show may be cancelled as the Today show has been rumored to want to extend to 4 hours. I think that is a bit much. If Passions is cancelled, that just leaves Days of Our Lives as NBC's only soap. Days has been rumored to be cancelled when due for renewal or to be moving to ABC. I think the world of soaps as we know it, is changing. Storylines are different now, probably not as many viewers. Budgets are shrinking. Too many cast cuts are occurring. The internet is also changing the world of television. I do wonder how many more years soaps will be on. Reality shows and internet downloads are becoming too popular.

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