Tuesday, January 9, 2007

General Hospital, Days of our Lives, One Life to Live

Looks like things may get hot between Liz and Jason on General Hospital. Woohoo! Good for Liz. I'm getting sick of Lucky. I can't believe he's makin' googly eyes with lying Maxie after he said how bad he wants to straighten up for Liz & the baby.
How about Georgie having wine with professor martinez. It's looking like a copycat storyline from the Young & the Restless. Doesn't really interest me.

Hillary B. Smith has resigned as Nora on One Life to Live. Apparently a good story involving her & Lindsay is coming up. About time they gave both characters good story. All these stories with newbies (Claudia, Nash) just don't pull me in. More stories with the vets and core characters are what soaps need, not newbie of the day stories.

Can't wait for Jay Kenneth Johnson's return as Philip to Days of Our Lives. Apparently the character will become more villainous. Looking forward to it.

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