Monday, January 29, 2007

Dixie, General Hospital, All My Children

So it seems nobody is happy with the killing of Dixie at All My Children according to Carolyn Hinsey at Soap Opera Digest and TVGuide's soap section. I agree. The writers have seriously underestimated Dixie's popularity. A home grown heroine. A future matriarch of the show. You just don't kill characters like that. Like General Hospital killing Alan. Who's left to be the future patriarch of the Quartermaine's? Ned, he's hardly ever on, Dillon, he just made it clear he prefers film school over the family biz, Jason, no, AJ was killed. So what happens when Edward kicks off? Obviously that is the end of the Quartermaine's. The show's main core family. What the hell are these writers thinking? You just don't wipe out core families. Core families, history are the reason fans watch soaps. Shows full of newbies with no ties is NOT why fans tune in. If this was one show doing it, ok, but there's AMC, GH and Y&R. I can't imagine afternoons without soaps, but that's what's going to happen if these writers don't get their acts together.

At least GH's 24ish way of storytelling for sweeps is interesting. Oh and Luke is back! and Scotty will be in town tomorrow! Woohoo, I can't wait for them. Let's hope they liven things up.

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