Friday, January 5, 2007

Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, All My Children

So on Days of Our Lives, Max & Mimi finally got hot & heavy & who walks in, Shawn? He looked a bit shocked, but Mimi didn't seem to care.
Go Billy, going after the young ones.
Bo & Hope are trying to settle on a baby name. Just can't wait to hear who wins the vote. Such great selections, not.

Liz on General Hospital is on the verge, again, of telling Jason he's the daddy. Somehow, I bet she gets interrupted, again.

Caught a few minutes of All My Children last night, as Zarf is dressed as Zoe dancing around. Sorry, but I just can't get into this story. A strange, soap opera first storyline with a complete newbie I could care less about just isn't a good combination. Now if Ryan decided he was really a girl trapped in a guys body, well, that might make me interested. Same storyline with a complete newbie, sorry, I could care less.

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