Thursday, December 21, 2006

Soap Opera Rant Welcome

Welcome to my soap opera rant blog. The main soap opera I will be talking about will be General Hospital. I faithfully watch it every day & on Sundays on SoapNet. I hate to miss an episode. I'm almost 32 & have been watching it pretty much my whole life.

The other soaps I watch are One Life to Live and Days of Our Lives. I've been watching them almost as long as General Hospital, but I'm just not as addicted to them. Not sure why.

I also catch All My Children and The Young and the Restless on SoapNet. Not every day, but I keep up on the storylines.

Latest issue of Soap Opera Digest came today. Can you believe Julia Barr who has been on AMC for 30 years didn't get a send off? She chose to leave rather than be recurring, which I dont' blame her, she devotes 30 years to the show & she gets nothing. No goodbye party, no special last episode, nothing. Her last episode is at Simone's funeral. Cady Mclain has a nice sendoff to Julia at her blog. Very nice of Cady, who by the way is one of my favorite actresses.

So, I was over at tvguide's blogs today & found this one. Apparently Alan is being killed off for February sweeps. Yeah, what? That makes no sense to me. Get rid of one of the vets viewers actually care about & keep a weird newbie like Spinelli. Kill off the future patriarch of the Q family. Man I tell, sometimes I really wonder what TPTB are thinking. Like over on Y&R, Eileen Davidson was fired. She's a great actress and she's an essential part of the Abbott family, now Jack's left by himself. Makes no sense either. But then GH has this story with Spinelli, an annoying computer geek. I don't see the point of the whole story with Jason & Lulu running off to find him & him & the flash drive. Strange. I find Spinelli annoying. He reminds me of a guy I use to work with. He was also a bit strange, probably he was on drugs too.

BTW, I am a computer geek too, I'm a programmer.

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