Saturday, December 23, 2006

General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, Hope's baby

So sweet of Jason to get Cam the gift Liz had trouble getting.

I'm kind of lost. Was Maxie really pregnant? I thought she was until Diego suspected she wasn't. Then when she was in the hospital, after falling down the stairs, she ran to the other side of the room & then back to bed when she heard someone coming. She seemed genuinely upset when Lucky saw her crying. I do admit I haven't been watching the show with my full attention, so maybe I missed something.

How about Max & Mimi on Days? I like Max, very good looking. I believe Mimi is being recast when Farah leaves, so I'll refrain from commenting until the recast is complete. I do think anyone is better than Chelsea though. I really don't like Chelsea, for obvious reasons. Anyone vote for the name of Hope's baby yet? The names are very strange, Rori is one, don't remember the rest.
Ok here they are: Cassidy, Darcy, Rori, Bridget, Ciara. Check out the post here. I agree, how about paying tribute to Alice, as GH did to Lila? (despite the fact it was Skye (a non family member) & a mobsters child, that's another topic, how about saving the name for a baby Emily might have someday? ok, back to days). Naming the baby Alice would have made too much sense I guess. Even Frances would have been a nice tribute.

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