Thursday, December 28, 2006

Days of Our Lives, One Life to Live

And the casualties at Days of Our Lives continues as the actress who plays Stephanie has been let go. I was a bit surprised. She is the daughter of Patch & Kayla. I thought the actress had potential.

Ooh, Paul has a Phyllis look a like held captive. Sheila returns!

So what does everyone think about the Zarf storyline? It's a brand new area for soaps. Bit strange, but I guess AMC deserves credit for trying something new.

I was saddened to learn Michael Zaslow's wife passed away of cancer. She did a lot for raising awareness of ALS, a tragic disease which slowly strips you of your life. A family in my old hometown was afflicted with it, as was the father of an old friend. It was sad to watch Michael's battle. I'll always remember him for his portrayal of David Rinaldi on One Life to Live. Great actor.

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